Anonymous, The Battle Prayer, front

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Anonymous, The Battle Prayer, front



The Battle Prayer.
Father! I bend to thee,
Life, it was thy gift,
Thou now can'st sheild it
From thee it came, and to thee I yeild it,
In life or death forsake not me,
Father I bend to thee.
Father! I trust in thee,
When midst the Battle's strife,
Death did surround me,
E'en at the camrous mouth,
Death has not found me.
Father 'twas thy will! I trust in thee.
Father still guide thou me.
All I give back to thee!
When at thy call, I my Life then shall yeild
When in the cold tomb, my fate shall be seal'd
Father my soul take into thee!
Father forsake not me.


Music by F H Himmel; Original lyrics by Walter Maurice
Date written
after 1862-0x-0x
x in x in, white with blue lines, superfine laid paper
Penmanship Style
File name
Unknown1 18xx-001-001-001

Unknown The Battle Prayer front mediumcrop 1.jpg