Bess, Letter 1, page 2

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Bess, Letter 1, page 2

with Mrs. Spilman & her two daughters.
Mildred & Perry were here, too. And when
Addie took them home I went along, &
had supper with Mildred & the boys.
Stan & Louise were in town.

Stan brought the play pen, -- and
Perry had a short nap in it. But
he really only sleeps well in his own
crib bed. And he hates to be penned in!

I'll close now, & will write again
soon. I've been writing in bed, & now
it's high time I put out the light.

Much love to you all,


Date written
1949-05-10 and 1949-05-11
x in x x in, ivory unlined
Penmanship Style
File name
to Bess 1---?-001-001-001

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