Deborah Higgins, Letter, copy 1, 1840

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Deborah Higgins, Letter, copy 1, 1840

To the Public - It was with no little suprise that I
saw in the Spirit of Times of February 25th 1840
an Advertisement Signed J. McGlathery, charging my
Son William R. Haffelfinger, with having runaway
away from him. The truth is, my son was never
bound to Mr. McGlathery - consequently he cannot
be termed an Apprentice. He was with
Mr. McGlathery, about fourteen months on trial
only - & had he been treated as he was justly
entitled to be treated [?] while with him I should
have bound him, but as my Son was unwilling
to remain any longer with Mr. McGlathery, I called
upon Mr McGlathery, February 22, 1840, and
after a full mutual understanding it was
agreed that my Son should go home with
me. Mr. McGlathery’s wife sending him aided
to get ready to pack up my Son’s Cloths: After which we
parted as I thought friends fully &
fairly satisfied with each other. How true indeed
is the saying that “the heart of man is deceitful above all things, &
desperately wicked” — very respectfully
Deborah Higgins


Deborah Higgins
(handwriting suggests the writer may or may not be the same as the person signing the letter)
Date written
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Penmanship Style
back hand
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Cadwalader family papers
Collection 1454
Box 579, Folder 4
File name
Deborah Higgins, copy 1, 18xx-00x-00x-00x

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