Edna D Bullock, letter to Melvil Dewey, 1893

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Edna D Bullock, letter to Melvil Dewey, 1893

Lincoln Neb. Sept. 11, 1893. Dear Mr Dewey:-
At the eleventh hour, I have persuaded myself
that I cannot afford to stay away from the A.L.A.
conference, although I am not exactly able to see how
I can afford to go. But I remember that you told us
concerning the Chicago trip that we ought to go even at
the risk of having to wear our old clothes to pay for it.
I shall go to Albany and go with the party from
there. If you will be kind enough to secure a comfort-
-able # 1 place for me, preferably on your side of the
lake, I will be very grateful. I will try to pick up a
roommate when I get to Albany. I will agree to be
satisfied with anything you select, only I should
prefer to go where there are some people that I know
Very truly, Edna D. Bullock.


Zella Allen Dixson
September 11, 1893
x cm x xcm; x in x x in
Penmanship Style
Library handwriting; library hand
Columbia University, Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Melvil Dewey papers, [ca. 1870]-1931.
File name
Bullock, Edna D 18xx-001-001-

Edna D Bullock to Melvil Dewey library handwriting 1893.jpg