Elizabeth "Lizzie" M Morrissey, diary entry, June 8, 1876

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Elizabeth "Lizzie" M Morrissey, diary entry, June 8, 1876

Wednesday, JUNE 8, 1876

It was pleasant the first
part of the morning but during the forenoon we
had quite a shower but it cleared off again.
We waited for the open car as usual.

First hour two girls were called upon to
take the class in exercise and it don’t make
any difference if we have taken the class once
we have got to do it again if called upon.
In grammar adverbs and prepositions were
talked of all the hour and we passed in our
papers on tense. We took color up all the hour;
spoke of tints, hues, shades, primary and
secondary color & c. In school economy had
the proper incentive to study I was not
called upon. Last hour Mr. Dunton taught
us the characters for the various sounds
we’ve been making and we have got to practice
them. Ida got out coming home for
the girls’ pictures and I waited for her at
the ferry. I had some strawberries for dinner
I went down in the yard to see how my
seeds were getting along and I found they
were all sprouting. Blanche came in during
the afternoon and brought in some pictures
to show us that she had painted. they
looked real nice. Then studied till dark.
In the morning talked & studied.


Elizabeth "Lizzie" M Morrissey
June 8, 1876
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Penmanship Style
Boston Public Library, Special Collections
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