Emrah Er, Note 1

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Emrah Er, Note 1

The mission of the Kaminski
Handwriting Collection is to
provide a free and public
place for all people to share and
to learn about the many types
of handwriting as it exists
among all people; as such,
it will create a record
of the many variations and will
serve those hoping to understand
handwritten work now and in the future.


Emrah Er
City and country of origin
Balikesir, Turkey
Date written
Manhattan, Kansas
Bloc Rhodia No 13
x cm x x cm; 4.1" in x 5.8" in
Pen & Ink
BIC Multipen
Edison Glenmot EF Nib - Aurora Black
Parker Duofold Fine Flex Nib - Private Reserve Shoreline Gold
Pilot 78G B Nib - Sailor Ink
Edison Mina M Nib - Sailor Doyou
Penmanship Style
File name
Er Emrah 1984-001-001-001

Emrah Er The mission of the mastercrop 1.jpg