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Although I do not have time to populate this page at this time, I would invite some volunteers with an interest to help.
Please let me know if you would like to volunteer on my wiki page.
David Kaminski

A bibliography or index of some kind would be very helpful, I am sure. This is a monumental task, and right now, with search engines being so fast, it seems as if it is not the most pressing issue. However, I would like to see subject indexes / bibliographies on certain kinds of handwriting and topics. This is something I could use help with.

A list of business colleges and all of their staff, and the years they worked there would be useful for reference. Right now, this information is in plain sight, but it is scattered so widely that it is not easily accessed.

Would you like to help create a list of topics / names from the Penmans' Art Journal? I'd like to pursue this.

Send me a note...let's get started!