George L Shackford, Letter

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George L Shackford, Letter, front

Boston 8th June 1861

Messr. Conant & Co.

Dear Sirs
We respond to your
favor of 6th [inst?] as follows. Greene Co. [plan to chg?]
5 1/4. - as good as [Markill?] City @ 7 1/4$
[Fine Extras?] at 5 to 5 1/4 - Poor at 4 3/4 $
We have but 17 Blk. of Greene Co. which we
will retain until we hear from you, that is
if you write by return of mail.

There is a vessel here
(Sch. Martha).

Yours Respectfully,
George L. Shackford


George L Shackford
Date written
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Shackford George L 18xx-00-00

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