George Washington, On Christmas Day

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George Washington, On Christmas Day

On Christmas Day

Assist me Muse divine! to Sing the Morn,
On which the Saviour of Mankind was born;
But oh! what Numbers to the Theme can rise?
Unless kind Angels aid me from the Skies!
Methinks I see the tunefull Host descend,
And with officious Joy the Scene attend!
Hark, by their Hymns directed on the Road,
The Gladsome Shepherds find the Nascent God!
And view the Infant conscious of his Birth,
Smiling bespeak Salvation to the Earth!
For when tho'important AEra first drew near
For which the great Messiah Should appear;
And to accomplish his redeeming Love,
Resign a while his glorious Throne above;
Beneath our Form should every Woe Sustain,
And by triumphant Suffering fix his Reign,
Should for lost Man in Tortures yield his Breath
Dying to save us from eternal Death!
Oh, mystick Union!--Salutary Grace!
Incarcerate God our Nature Should embrace!
That Deity should stoop to our Disguise!
That man received should regain the Skies!
Dejected adam! from thy grave ascend,
And view the Serpants Deadly Malice end;
Adorning bless th' Almighty's boundless Grace
That gave his son a Ransome for thy Races!
Oh never let my Soul this Day forget,
But pay in graitfull praise her Annual Debt!
To him, whom 'tis my Trust, I Shall [missing]
When Time, and Sin, and Death [missing]


George Washington
George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress, 1741-1799: Series 1a.
George Washington, Forms of Writing, and The Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation, ante 1747
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