Horatio N Easby, Letter 1, page 2

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Horatio N Easby, Letter 1, page 2

Will. has come out bright and clear and has
added another fact to the long list of human testimony
that "blood will tell” and is showing that he is
worthy “the race from which he sprung”

Nettie is all that the hearts of parents could desire
she is in truth a second edition of Marian,
Barton has developed qualities, which indicate the
genuine diamond, and I do not know, nor have
I read of a boy, who I would be more proud to call
my son. and Halllie, well: there was never
anybody like Halie. In fact she is a reproduction
of Lou. only a little more so. made by the circumstances
with which she is surrounded, and if in the good
providence of our Heavenly Father, her life is presencd
she will make a grand woman.

Now Lou. with this picture of my children, and
it is not overdrawn, I should be very ungrateful
to God, to permit myself. to be “bound down” by any
trouble, and whatever difficulties I may have to
encounter, or whatever is good for me. to have, rests
entirely upon the wisdom of our Father in Heaven,
and if we continue faithful to Him. He will bring
us all. Together again, in His own good time, when
we can unite as of yore, in singing His praises,
Love to Marian and the children and the “big boys”
Those little rascals Willie and Frankie, how I do
long to see them.


Horatio N Easby
Date written
x in x x in, ivory unlined
Penmanship Style
Unverified as writer, Horatio Nelson Easby [1]
File name
Easby Horatio N 1xx-001-001-001

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