Isaac Newton, To make excellent ink

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Isaac Newton, To make excellent ink

To make excellent Ink.

℞ 1/2lb of Galls cut in pieces or grosly
beaten, 1/4 ℔ of Gumm Arabick cut or
broken. Put 'em into a Quart of strong
beer or Ale. Let 'em stand a month
stopt up, stirring them now & then. At
the. end of the moneth put in ℥1 or
℥1 1/2 of copperas (Too much copperas
makes the ink apt to turn yellow.) Stir
it & use it. Stop it up for some
time with a paper prickt full of
holes & let it stand in the sunn.
When you take out ink put in so
much strong beer & it will endure
many years. Water makes it apt to
mold. Wine does not. The air also
if it stand open inclines it to mold.
With this Ink new made I wrote this.


Isaac Newton
Date written
ca. 1669 to 1693
cm x cm; in x in
Penmanship Style
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File name
Newton Isaac 1643-001-001-001
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