John L Lincoln, Valedictory address, August 22, 1832, page 1

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John L Lincoln, Valedictory address, August 22, 1832, page 1

Valedictory Address
by John L. Lincoln
Aug. 22, 1832

Mankind are seeking to gratify that desire for
happiness, which they receive at their birth, in various
but ever devious paths. Some are seen pursuing the
mad career of the sensualist, and in the embrace of
pleasure wasting the strength and powers which were
destined for higher and nobler ends. Others are delighted
with the acquisition of perishable dust, and take pleasure
only in the contemplation of untold heaps of gold. Many
are directing a longing gaze to the "steep
Where Fame's proud temple shines afar."
They toil with anxious solicitude for the possession
of that bubble which breaks when just within their
grasp, and make the grand object of their efforts the
attainment of those honours, which await the successful
suitor for the world's applause. But all these
objects are incapable of affording substantial happiness.
The possession of any earth-born enjoyment fails to satisfy
the expectations which are formed by its eager pursuer,
and disappointment invariably becomes the portion of the
most successful. But he who turns away from such
pursuits, to those which are more worthy of man's high rank in


John L Lincoln
Manuscript title
Valedictory address
August 22, 1832
x cm x xcm; x in x x in
Penmanship Style
Boston Public Library
File name
John L Lincoln 18xx-001-001-
student at Boston Latin School
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