John L Lincoln, Valedictory address, August 22, 1832, page 2

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John L Lincoln, Valedictory address, August 22, 1832, page 2

the scale of being, can obtain true satisfaction in the
paths of knowledge, and in the fragrant walks of literature.
There is a proper field for the cultivation of that
mind, with which every man of nature is endowed.

By the prosecution of such studies, it may be stored
with useful knowledge, and thus afford unfailing sources
for meditation and delight. The possession of such
treasures is certain. In whatever situation the man may
be placed, or to whatever trials subjected, mental acquisitions
will still remain. Adversity may come upon him
with its accompanying evils, and earthly afflictions
multiply around him, but these cannot deprive him
of those pleasures which result from a proper cultivation
of the mind. Literary studies may make us acquainted
with the wisdom and virtue of ages past, and furnish us
with the most brilliant examples for our stimulation and
encouragement. They also give us a clearer insight into
the nature of man, and show us the capability of his
powers, and thereby come into possession of more
accurate views, and more just sentiments.

In short, the acquisitions of knowledge are perennial
sources of delight in all the varied circumstances
of life. They enhance the joys of prosperity,
and alleviate the distresses of adversity by arming us with
fortitude to endure them, and by teaching the true
value of earthly comforts. He who has cultivated a literary
taste, will always find new fountains of enjoyment at
which he may gratify his desires. When fatigued with


John L Lincoln
Manuscript title
Valedictory address
August 22, 1832
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Boston Public Library
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John L Lincoln 18xx-001-001-
student at Boston Latin School
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