John Stow, Letter to Benjamin Chew, 1792

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John Stow, Letter to Benjamin Chew, 1792

Philadelphia April 21. 1792
After the extreme treatment that I received, I think that my appeal
to the public needs no apology—Justice to my self, my family, and friends absolutely
required it—I have herewith sent you two papers which contain what I have
said on that truly disruptive subject—You Sir, have received a very Considerable
advantage from the Estate of Mr John Smith, and had I have received no more than Justice
I should have had it in my power to have done a good party his Orphans, my own family
and have done Justice to my friends, but give me Leave Sir to ask, how can you bare the
though, to hold that advantage at the Expence of so much distress—You Sir have
always Lived in affluence and ease, beyond the reach of even the common misfortunes of
men—You have no doubt extended happiness to your own family and friends, but Sir,
I have with you an equalized Justice, and however near your family and friends
may be to you. I have the same feelings for mine—How extremely hard is it then
not only to be deprived of a sufficiency for their comfortable support, but even the very
means of their existence, and God only knows what we may yet suffer—Take a view
Sir, of your own family—Consult the feelings of your own bosom—Make the case
your own case, and only suffer the smallest emotion of the husband, or the parent
to be but tucked, and then perhaps Sir, you may in some small degree feel for me, and
give me Leave Sir, to conclude with saying, that unless I should have some good
degree of Justice done me, I shall always consider that your Estate and family are receiving
the Benefits of more than Eight Hundred hands which [?]
Estate of Mr. John Smith, and whatever Losses has taken in Concequence
of [?], and whatever Calamities, my self, family, or friends, may suffer, I must Consider
this as the foundation of all.—
I remain Sir Yours &c John Stowe


John Stow|John Stow]
Date written
April 21, 1792
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Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Chew family papers
Collection 2050
Chew, Benjamin (1722-1810)
John Stow to Benjamin Chew (1792)
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John Stow 17xx-00x-00x-00x

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