Joseph (slave), Letter to Benjamin Chew, 1804

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Joseph (slave), Letter to Benjamin Chew, 1804

Dec. er 5th 1804

From your plantation Front County
Dear sir/
This Comes to inform you that Miss Bekcy
Smyth hath broke up house keeping and has sold all
off, my wife she was sold to Mr. Holinsworth in Baltimore
for five years. Mr. Pearce since she went their has
been so kind as to grant me the liberty to go to see her
Once which I esteemed a very great favour be so kind
Sir as to take this in to Consideration we have now been
Man and wife this Eleven years, and I wish to be more
Convenient to her, I was told by sundrie Gentlemen in
Baltimore when over their, that if it was your pleasure
to let me go over there for this Ensuing year they would
allow you very generous wages I flatter myself that my
Mistress will grant her approbation to this request.
and you may both depend upon it that I will endeavour
to behave myself so that I hope you never shall have
reason to repent of the favour granted me should you
not incline to grant the above request Mr. John Constable
who owns One of the packetts in Chester Town
will willingly hire me to sail to and from Baltimore
with him but had I my wish I would rather be hired
in Baltimore--please Sir, write me as soon as you
see proper respecting this Matter, Mr. Pearce I have no
fault to find with but I am uneasy in my mind being
so far distant from my wife please give my humble
respects to my Mistress, hoping that your self, My Mistress
and all the Children are well I am Dear Sir,
Y(our) [?] slave Joseph


Date written
December 5, 1804
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Penmanship Style
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Chew family papers
Collection 2050
Chew, Benjamin (1722-1810)
Joseph _____ (slave) to Benjamin Chew (1804)
File name
Joseph _____ 17xx-00x-00x-00x

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