Norma Isabel Napirkosky, Letter 1, page 1

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Norma Isabel Napirkosky, Letter 1, page 1

Redding Calif.
July 8 1968
Dear Nick,
I went down to the Bank
to day and purchased three one thousand
dollar bonds and one Five hundred dollar
bond. I kept $1000 in the savings.
I put your name on the bank book and
and on the Bonds

I want you to sign the two cards
and fill in the one where it is marked x
and sign your name under mine where
it is marked x.

I am feeling lots better now
but in view of what has happened to me
in the past thought I should get my
affairs in order. To make it easier on you
am also going to put in for county
welfare. The two old people I was
working for are in the hospital and
I have no job or Income only social

oh yes I rented a safe deposit box
and your name is on the box too.
after I get the card filled in by you


Norma Isabel Napirkosky
Date written
8.5 in x 11 in, ivory unlined
ballpoint, assumed
Penmanship Style
Palmer Method
File name
Napirkosky Norma 1899-001-001-001

Norma Isabel Napirkosky Letter p1 mediumcrop 1.jpg