Norma Isabel Napirkosky, Letter 1, page 2

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Norma Isabel Napirkosky, Letter 1, page 2

will send you a key I am going
to put $300. cash in the box too
I am trying to take care of my own
Personal responsibilities.

I called you several times on the
telephone at night could not find you in
Abe and I have been catching some fish
at Whiskey town lake but the fishing
there has slowed down for shore fishing
Boats catching limits. Fishing
It was sure hot at balls Ferry [1] in
March and april, salmon and steelhead.
Must close and get this in the Mail

all my love Dear brother


Norma Isabel Napirkosky
Date written
8.5 in x 11 in, ivory unlined
ballpoint, assumed
Penmanship Style
Palmer Method
File name
Napirkosky Norma 1899-001-001-002

Norma Isabel Napirkosky Letter p2 resize1small.jpg