Phyllis Richards, Letter 1, page 2

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Phyllis Richards, Letter 1, page 2

is a very
lucky Boy!
Will you tell
him so for
me please?
I shall make every effort to accept
your cordial invitation to
your wedding, darling. Nothing
but work or illness can keep me
from attending. We return to
N.Y.C. evening of July 31st. and I
am "free" Wed. Aug. 1, and shall
be at home, expect for short trips
out to market for food--or on the
roof to hang up clothes, so persist
if I do not answer, first time.
Yes, Mrs Hoyt and
Priscilla wrote me about Rose
Mary's wedding. It must have
been lonely! She was a beautiful
bride, I can well imagine, and you
will be too!
Now, Joan dear, all
good wishes for best luck health
and happiness to you and Walter
for many, many years to come.
You shall always be one of my
most cherished and loved
girls! And Walter will have a
warm place in my heart.
Phyllis Richards.


Phyllis Richards

Date written
6 7/16 in x 4 5/8 in, ivory unlined, with rose

Gibson Letter-ettes 2608-3 Cincinnati, U.S.A

Penmanship Style
File name
Phyllis Richards 1900-020-00X-00X

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