Pomroy Jones to Governor Tilden, page 4, 1875

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Pomroy Jones to Governor Tilden, page 4, 1875

To be sure Congress has granted
the little remnant of us Pensions for
hazarding our lives in defense of our
extended frontier. [True we were not?]
in many battles. but sickness devastates
military ranks more than bullets
When at Sacketts Harbor my duty required
me every morning to pass the Militia
Hospital on an average five if not six
that had died in the night were put out
in the yard for the undertaker. For
three months after my return from
that unhealthy past I was prostrated
by sickness but thanks to a good constitution
and good nursing I survived. Excuse my rambling letter.
Very respectfully Yours.
Pomroy Jones


Pomroy Jones
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Pomroy Jones to Governor Tilden, August 4, 1875. Old Soldiers claims. Samuel J. Tilden Papers. Series I. Correspondence. I.F. Gubernatorial, 1874-1876. Proposed legislation. Digital Collections, The New York Public Library.

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