Robert Bruce Williams, Geography notebook, page 1, 1903-1904

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Robert Bruce Williams, Geography notebook, page 1, 1903-1904


The Northeastern Section

The Northeastern Section is in the northeastern
part of the United States. Maine, New Hampshire,
Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode
Island are the states comprising it.

The coast is very irregular. It is indented
with many bays and fringed by islands.
The coast of Mine is the most irregular.
North of Cape Cod it is low and sandy.
Many of the bays are good harbors and some
have important cities on them. Portland is on
one of the best harbors in the section.
Boston is also on a good harbor.

In the eastern and central parts there
are plains but in the western part there
are mountains. The soil is not fertile
only in the river valleys. The ? ?


Robert Bruce Williams
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Courtesy of Martha Anne Williams Bean
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Williams Robert Bruce 1890-000x-000x

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