Walter Powers, Letter 1, page 1

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Walter Powers, Letter 1, page 1

April 18 - 51

Dear Joanie:

Hon, by all means go to the party. You'll
agree when I say I wouldn't be much of a man
if I couldn't trust you. If I couldn't trust
you, I can't trust anybody. Have a good time
but remember I'm still selfish when it comes
to you. I'll never share you with anybody. Well
its an older crowd by a few years & the only
guy I know is my cousin Ferguson. I don't
know how to spell it either. This morning
Jim & I went to the P.X. to look around.
I spied another pillow case & although it's
almost the same, the saying is what caught my
eye. It's a beautiful saying & I hope you'll
like it. I was never much for poetry, but this
little prose is everything I'd say myself. Today
was too hot for any detail, so we did the
easiest thing to avoid it, by going to the


Walter Powers
Date written
7 in x 10.25 in, ivory, gold embossed U. S. Air Force
File name
Walter Powers 193x-00x-00x-00x

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