A. W. Agassiz (assumed), Letter, 1875

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A. W. Agassiz (assumed), Letter, 1875

Museum of Comparative Zoology
Cambridge, Mass.
July 17 / 75

I have given dictation & have a
copy of [?] sent
to you. The Am[erican] Acad[em]y will
probably have separate nos. of
my papers to which you refer I have
no extras left. I shall be glad to [get?]
any fossils from the Connecticut
Valley in return for the [?] for the
Museum. either [niks or nacks?]
[Ymsty Yours most humbly?]
A. W. Agassiz [assumed to be the name, but not clear; or Alexander E. R. Agassiz; while the second name is correct, there are records that seem to indicate that both names were used by the same person?]


A. W. Agassiz
Alexander E. R. Agassiz
scribe, secretary, or clerk is the actual writer?
this person appears to be a telegraph operator from the style of writing?
Date written
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