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This is the Kaminski Handwriting Collection, a nascent online collection of handwriting.

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Spring challenges--unanswered questions for readers to answer

Articles, many still under revision

  • The Varieties and Complexities of American Handwriting and Penmanship: Library Hand [1]


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Volunteering for Other Projects

  • [[Manuscript transcription projects [2]]]

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Fonts Created from Handwriting

Bilbliography and Work Planned or in Progress

  • [[An incomplete and imprecise annotated bibliography on books of all kinds, including but not exclusive to penmanship, penmanship systems, systems of penmanship, pen art, copybooks, copy-books, copy books, handwriting, hand-writing, hand writing, handwritten hand-written, written, writing, business writing, style, script, cursive, manuscript, script-print, print, hand, shorthand, short hand, short-hand, lettering, calligraphy, writing systems, systems of writing, method, muscular, orthography, ortheopy, graphology, spellers, spelling, letters, lettering, letterforms, letter-forms, letter forms, alphabets, words, reading, readers, eclectic, graded, grammar, vocabulary, vocabularies, bookkeeping, book-keeping, primary, elementary, secondary, normal school, public school, private school, academy, academies, trade school, colleges, business college, Spencerian, Palmer, etc.]]