Bess, Letter 2, page 2

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Bess, Letter 2, page 2

must stop his study, and must get a job.
They have a 3 year old girl, and would
like to have more children, & she would
like to stop working, for her health
hasn’t been very good. Addie had a
simple supper, & melted cheese on toast
— and Mr. Bernd took 4 slices—, tuna fish
salad, which she fixes very nicely,
using hard boiled eggs and chopped
celery, beet relish, and then apple pie
a la mode, and coffee.

In the afternoon we had gone to
Stan’s with old clothes on, to take up
some plants. They are going to have
a swimming pool, and the plants
were in the way. Dutch was up in
a pepper tree chopping at a great
branch until he got it down. The
tree was too near where the pool is to
be,— and would have shed its leaves
into the pool. The pool is to be in the
space beyond Mil’s cottage. It will be
longer than the cottage, I think.

The Jespersons next door have sold
their house. The new people are named
Allen,—and they have two little girls. I
hope they will keep the place outside
neater than the Jespersons have.

Now for bed. I do hope to hear
soon! I was sure your letters would
come to-day. Now I know it will come


Date written
x in x x in, ivory unlined
Penmanship Style
File name
Bess 1---?-001-001-001

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