John Putnam, The summer's morning

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John Putnam, The summer's morning


In summers morning serene and clear,
To you enameld plain repair;
Where open to Aurora bright,
Sweet prospects Captivate the sight.

The wing'd Creation strain their throats,
In pleasing, sweet melodious notes;
While echo charmed with the sound,
Makes the enchanting notes rebound:
The cheerful Ploughman's rustic song,
Doth still the pleasing scenes prolong;

With satisfaction in his face,
Adds to the fields and the meadows grace;
Here's sweet content and ruddy health,
Far more desirable than wealth,
With white rob'd Innocence arrayd,
And all her native charms display'd

All hail the morning air serene,
By thee recover'd from thy spleen;
We taste those sweets pure nature gives,
And joy in ev'ry breast revives.

John Putnam.
aged 13.

West school, salem.
January 17, 1817.


John Putnam
Date written
Penmanship Style
Free Library of Philadelphia, Rare Book Department
Children's Collection, Calligraphy
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John Putnam The summers morning mediumcrop 1 .jpg