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Walter Powers, Letter 1, page 1

Service Club. We layed in the grass absorbing
the sun, but there are ants there as well as
our barrack. We took off after much iching
& scratching. I'm totally confused but not
worried about shipping. Some say they ship
to civilian schools with two pair of kacki
while others insist they redline you for having
only two pair. Well we process this Friday &
I'll know then what the score. Hon I want
to get this letter to you in time so I'll
cut it short so the mail goes in a few minutes
Please take care of yourself & remember I
still love you & want you for my own. Joanie
have a good time. Goodnight Hon.

your guy


Walter Powers
Date written
7 in x 10.25 in, ivory, gold embossed Air Force
File name
Walter Powers 193x-00x-00x-00x

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