W Breck, Tare and trett

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W Breck, Tare and Trett

Tare and Trett.

Gross weight is the weight of a Commodity
with the weight of the hogshead Cask Chest
Box Wrapper or any thing else that contains
the Goods or any Quantity given in hundreds
Quarters & pounds in Gross weight.
Tare is an allowance made by the Seller to the
Buyer, For the weight of the hogshead Cask
Chest Bag &c wherein the goods are contained
& is sometimes reckon'd at so much pr Bale
Bag Barrel Chest &c. Trett is an allowance of 4#
upon every 104# suttle claimed by Freeman of
London & sometimes to others also & this is allow'd
for waste & dust and on some sort of goods as on
Tobacco, Spices, Drugs, &c__ Cloff is an allowance
of 2# Weight upon every Draught above #3
Weight, to a Citizen of London.__ T Neat weight is
what remains when allowance is deduced.
March the 20 1787__


W Breck
Date written
31cm x 20cm; 12 1/8 in 8 in, ivory unlined
Penmanship Style
Courtesy Dartmouth College Library
File name
W Breck 17xx-001-001-001

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