Horatio N Easby, Letter 1, page 1

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Horatio N Easby, Letter 1, page 1

Letter from Horatio N. Easby
To daughter Louise in which he
describes all of his children. (Nettie was my grandmother Esther.)
Esther B. Sterling

Washington May 23rd 1878
Dear Lou.

I hear from you and Marian every
through your letter to you Ma, and you hear of me
through the same channel, but as you seen almost
ready to cry. I must write you “a few lines.”
I am not yet in “old age” nor am I "bowed down
with trouble.” It is true I am not so young as I was,
but in the good providence of our Father in Heaven, my
health, mentally and physically, was never in a more
robust condition, and the “silver lining” has begun
to appear through “the clouds which have hung over
our house” nothing tangible as yet, but faith and
hope are daily increasing. the brightness of the
“lining” and dispelling the protracted of one.
When you reflect, Lou, upon the great blessings your
Ma. and myself have in our children, more
money troubles, sunk into insignificance. Katie is home
in the full enjoyment of health, and her cheerfulness
and natural talent for making people happy, is being
daily exerted with telling effect. Lou and Marian
are faithfully fulfilling the duties of life, and tho
devotion with which they are performing those duties


Horatio N Easby
Date written
x in x x in, ivory unlined
Penmanship Style
Unverified as writer, Horatio Nelson Easby [1]
File name
Easby Horatio N 1xx-001-001-001

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