Phyllis Richards, Letter 1, page 1

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Phyllis Richards, Letter 1, page 1

Sunday, July 22, 1951.
Joan dear,
Such a sweet note came from you, yesterday. Yes,
my sister told me you had phoned.
I also received your postal
from A. C. So glad you had a
good time there. I've sent you
a couple of cards, but the news
you so thotfully wrote me calls
for one of my best rose notes.
A rose for the bride! I am so
happy for you and Walter


Phyllis Richards

Date written
6 7/16 in x 4 5/8 in, ivory unlined, with rose

Gibson Letter-ettes 2608-3 Cincinnati, U.S.A

Penmanship Style
File name
Richards PVH 1900-020-00X-00X

Phyllis Richards Letter 1, page 1 mediumcrop 1.jpg