Mary Jo Renzi, Letter 1, page 1

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Mary Jo Renzi, Letter 1, page 1

Dear Dad
We're having warm weather! It feels
like Spring. You are still in the middle of winter.
Keep that blanket close by.
I'm off to Quito, Ecuador and the
Galapagos in 4 weeks. I know that Mark
thoroughly enjoyed his trip. I'm sure I
will too. I'm bringing a small group of
students who are very well behaved. We'll
have lots of stories to tell when we return.
Rachel looks pregnant! She felt the
baby move last week. Cecilia rubs Rachel's
belly and says there's a brown baby inside.


Mary Jo Renzi

Date written
8.5 in x 10.5 in, white, red and blue lines, wide ruled, notebook sheet
File name
Renzi Mary Jo 1950-020-001-006

Renzi Mary Jo 1950 Letter 1 page 1 croppedsmall 2.jpg