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Transcribe Bentham[1]

‘Many hands make light work. Many hands together make merry work‘,
wrote the philosopher and reformer, Jeremy Bentham (1748 – 1832) in 1793.
In this spirit, we cordially welcome you to Transcribe Bentham, a double
award-winning collaborative transcription initiative, which is digitising
and making available digital images of Bentham’s unpublished manuscripts
through a platform known as the ‘Transcription Desk‘. There, you can access
the material and—just as importantly—transcribe the material, to help the
work of UCL’s Bentham Project, and further improve access to, and searchability
of, this enormously important collection of historical and philosophical material.

Operation War Diary, Reports from the Front [2]

Annotate and tag diaries from the First World War.
The story of the British Army on the Western Front during the First World War
is waiting to be discovered in 1.5 million pages of unit war diaries. We need
your help to reveal the stories of those who fought in the global conflict that
shaped the world we live in today.

Notes from Nature [3]

Transcribe notes from nature, contribute to science.
The Notes from Nature transcription project is a citizen science platform
built to address this problem by digitizing the world’s biological collections
one record at a time!

FromThePage [4]

FromThePage is free software that allows volunteers to transcribe handwritten documents
on-line. It's easy to index and annotate subjects within a text using a simple, wiki-like
mark-up. Users can discuss difficult writing or obscure words within a page to refine
their transcription. The resulting text is hosted on the web, making documents easy
to read and search.