Walter Powers, Letter 2, page 1

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Walter Powers, Letter 2, page 1

11 June 51

Dear Joanie:

We got our marks today & I pased
my tests. From now on all our work
will be typed & six hours of typing
is going to be pretty rough with the
antique machines we have. The predicted
rain for today as they have for the past
two days but no dice. This coming Wednesday
there should be a good fight Louis & [?].
& I for one am going to listen to it. One
thing for sure I wouldn't see much of the
television version if I were watching it in you
house. Remember we always had the television
on but never saw a complete show. I'll try
and get the class picture for you tomorr-


Walter Powers
Date written
7 in x 10.25 in, ivory, gold embossed U. S. Air Force
File name
Walter Powers 193x-00x-00x-00x

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