E S Heath, autograph book entry, 1882

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E S Heath, autograph book entry, 1882

Your Time
rolls on unceasingly, and every
sixty minutes past you have one
hour less in life, and at the end
of twenty four hours, a day has
past [sic] that will never Never
come to you again. And
when the Great Hand of
God points the hour
you will have to go, you
cannot put it off.
Friends nor riches
will have no influence.
The TIME will come, the
great clock strikes, your
light goes out and you are
No More

[image of pocket watch]
Waste not your Time
but grasp every fleeting moment as if it
was the last. And make each minute
a beat, and in one hour you will have
sixty leaves of a Rose
that must bloom in splendor,
and at the end, you shall
lie down on beds of Roses.
and the great hand of
time shall emblazon
upon the sacred Scroll
in letters of Gold
Well done thou good and

E.S. Heath.
Kennerdell Rond
Mch 10th 82


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