John L Lincoln, Valedictory address, August 22, 1832, page 3

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John L Lincoln, Valedictory address, August 22, 1832, page 3

cares and the necessary avocations of life, he may
retire by himself, and hold converse with the
great and good of all ages, and lose sight of his
anxiety in communion with the eloquence of genius.
His taste is refined, and in all the works of nature
and art he beholds new beauties, and discovers
fresh matter, upon which his mind may feed.

"Haec studia adolescentiani alunt, senectutem
oblectant, delectant domi, non impediunt domi
foris, pernoctant nobiscum, peregrinantur, rusticantur."
Cic. pro. Archia

Gentlemen of the School Committee,
Under your general guidance and care, we
have enjoyed, in some degree, the pleasures and advantages
which a course of literary studies is designed to
impart, and have made such discoveries as are calculated
to animate us to further improvement. It is
our duty to present to you our united testimony of
gratitude for the unwearied diligence which you
have ever employed in our behalf, and the untiring
exertions which you have ever made for the advancement
of our interests. We see among you one, under whose
instructions we here first began to ascend the hill of
knowledge, and from whose lips we received those
first rudiments, which it has devolved upon others to
carry forward to a state of maturity. This guide,
as it were, of our infancy, will not soon be for[gotten]


John L Lincoln
Manuscript title
Valedictory address
August 22, 1832
x cm x xcm; x in x x in
Penmanship Style
Boston Public Library
File name
John L Lincoln 18xx-001-001-
student at Boston Latin School
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