Affidavit of Benjamin Eastburn, 1738

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Affidavit of Benjamin Eastburn, 1738

Benjamin Eastburn of the County of Philadelphia aged about
42 years, by the Honourable the Proprietories of the Province of Pensilva
and Counties of Newcastle Kent and Sussex on Delaware in the year
1733 appointed Surveyor General of the said Province and Counties; being
one of the People called Quakers on his [?] affirmation according to
Laco doth declare, That in the year aforesd: in the Surveyor Generals office
for the said Provinces and Counties at Philadelphia, he found among the
[?] returns of Surveys and Records belonging to the said office [?]
old return and the and the [?] of a large part of land in the hand [?] (as he
understands) of Joshua Barkslead formerly Deputy Surveyor under
William Clark Chief Surveyor of the Counties of Sussex and Kent aforsd
[?] on the said return a Certift of the Survey of aforesaid, and of the only &
record thereof in the office of William Clark in the hand [?] of Wm
Clark as this affirm ant understands. (And that the said Joshua Barkslead
and William Clark by diverse ancient Inhabitants that were that were Personally
acquainted with them, are reported both to have died upwards of 30
years ago) here Copys of which return and Certificate are hereto added
and a true Copy of the said Dct. is hereto annexed. And this affirmant further
sayth that in the year aforesaid, he found in the Surveyor Generals office &
at Philadelphia aforesaid a great number of warrants for the surveying &
laying out of land to the Inhabitants of the said Counties under the hand
and Provisional Seal of William Penn Esq [?] Proprietaryer and und.
the hand of his Commr of Property; directed to William Clark Surveyor
All which warrants are of very ancient date, many of them about 50 years
ago and returns and Certificates of Surveys with draughts of lands
laid out in pursuance of the warrants aforesaid, written and signed [?]
J. Barkslead, and Certifyed by William Clark, and that they appear
to be Exactly in the same hands writing with the return and Certificate
first above mentioned, and further this affirm ant sayth not
Benj. Eastburn


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Historical Society of Pennsylvania
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Chew, Benjamin (1722-1810)
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Affidavits and Affirmations - Affidavit of Benjamin Eastburn, (1738)
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