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Unknown, Grammar manuscript 1, page 1

English Grammar is the art of speaking and writing the English language
with propriety. It is divided into four parts viz. Orthography, Etymology
Syntax and Prosody, Orthography teaches us the nature and powers
of letters, and the just method of spelling words.
A letter is the first principle or least part of a word. The letters
of the English language, called the English alphabet are twenty
six in number. These letters are the representations of certain
articulate sounds the elements of the language. An articulate
sound is the sound of the human voice formed by the organ of speech
Letters are divided into vowels and consonants
A vowel is an articulate sound that can be perfectly uttered by
itself; as, a, e, o; which are formed without the help of any other
sound; A consonant is an articulate sound which
cannot be perfectly uttered without the help of a vowel as b,
d, f, l; which require vowels to express them fully
The vowels are a, e. i, o, u, and sometimes w, and y.
W, and Y, are consonants when they begin a word or
syllable; but in every other situation they are vowels.
Consonants are divided into mutes and simivowels.
The mutes cannot be sounded at all without the aid of a
vowel, They are b, p, t, [?], k, and c, and g, hard
The simivowels have an imperfect sound of themselves. They
are f, [b?], m, n, r, v, [w?], z, t, and g. soft.
Four of the simivowels namely l, m, n, r, are also distingu
=ished by the name of liquids from their readily uniting with
other consonants and flowing as it were into their sounds.
A diphthong is the union of two vowels pronounced by a single
impulse of the voice; as ea in beat, ou in sound
A tripthong is the union of three vowels pronounced in like
manner; as eau, in beau, iew in view
A proper diphthong is that in which both the vowels are sounded
as; oi in voice, ou in ounce.
An improper diphthong has but one of the vowels sounded

as in ea in eagle oa in boat

General observation on the sounds of the letters
A has four sounds; the long or slender, the broad the short
or open, and the middle, The long; as in name basin
creation, The broad as in call, wall, all, The short; as
in barrel, fancy, glass, The middle; as in ar, farm




Lindley Murray
Book Title
An English Grammar: Comprehending the Principles and Rules of the Language, illustrated by appropriate exercises and a Key to the Exercises
Date published


pre-1830, as identified by Aidan Meehan
xcm x xcm; in in,
Penmanship Style
File name
Unknown2 18xx-001-001-001

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