Shangching Cheng Huitzacua, Fountain pen day, print

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Shangching Cheng Huitzacua, Fountain pen day, cursive

Fountain Pen Day, first celebrated in 2012, is on the
first Friday of November each year. This day was
founded to “embrace, promote, and share the use
of fountain pens.” Personally, I would take this day
a bit further. It should not be celebrated once a year,
but every day, with all sorts of writing utensils,
developing an appreciation for the written word.
So pick up a pen and write!
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Shangching Cheng Huitzacua
Date written
Rhodia, N° 16 dotPad
x cm x x cm; 6 in x 8.25 in
Platinum Maki-e Fountain pen with a 14k Fine nib
Sailor Jentle Shigure [Drizzling Rain]
Penmanship Style
File name
Huitzacua Shangching Cheng 199x-001-001-001
Fountain Pen Day [1]

Fountain Pen Day print.jpg