P. W. Warren to Miss P., letter, 1847

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P. W. Warren to Miss P., letter, 1847

Boston Feb. 1, 1847

Dear Miss P.

I received your letter requesting
me to purchase for you a Share in the
Merrimack Co. at 75 each.-- I am Sorry to
say, speaking in Broker's phrase, that you
are behind the market. I have Sold a
Share Since the Auction at 26 adv. & still
more is now offered, with none for Sale.
I shall continue ready & happy to Execute
any Coming Sale for you Either in the way
of business or friendship, and before I may
be more Successful hereafter. Manufacturing
Stocks are all very firm and rising,
and give some indicating that the
present excitement may carry them
beyond their true value!-- Im Railroad
and Bank Stocks there is not so much
Very truly & respectfully yours
P.W. Warren


P. W. Warren
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back hand
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cashier writing
bank writing
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Warren, P W to Miss P 18xx-001-001-001

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