David Nunes Carvalho, Autograph 1

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David Nunes Carvalho, Autograph 1

Very sincerely Yours
David N. Carvalho
New York City,
April 28. 1909


David Nunes Carvalho
Date written
x in x x in, ivory
File name
David Nunes Carvalho 1848-001-001-001
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Biography, circa 1909: CARVALHO, David Nunes: Handwriting expert; born in Philadelphia, Sept 29, 1848; son of Solomon Nunes and Sarah (Solis) Carvalho. He was graduated from the College of the City of New York (then called the New York Free Academy), and he specialized in organic chemistry, photography, light and color. Since 1875 he has been professionally engaged as an expert in handwriting and inks, was official handwriting expert to the Grand Jury New York City, 1881-1906, and he has testified in over one thousand cases where handwriting was in dispute, including many of national prominence in all sections of the United States. He was the first expert in the world to restore, in open court, fraudulently bleached out handwriting, which he did in 1884. In addition to his practice in legal matters, Mr Carvalho has made researches and discoveries of principles and processes in optics and radiography which have proven of much practical value. He was the first (1880) to separate white light into its complementary parts in order to absorb the actinic rays on the sensitive photographic plate, this being the principle upon which the present orthochromatic processes are based; and he was the first to make photographs on celluloid. He was city librarian of New York in charge of archives in 1885, and while there made exhaustive studies of ancient writing and inks. He is author of Forty Centuries of Ink, and of numerous contributions to magazines; and he is also well known as a diligent and successful collector of incunabula. Mr. Carvalho was president of the New York State Reformatory for Women, 1892-1899. He married in New Orleans, March 22, 1876, Annie Abrams. Residence: 125 West 93rd St. Office: 265 Broadway, New York City.
Source: Men and Women of America: A Biographical Dictionary of Contemporaries, L.R. Hamersly, 1909, pages 306-307 [4]
See also, History of Long Island: From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time, Volume 3, Peter Ross, 1903 [5]

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Source: Lawyer and Banker and Southern Bench and Bar Review, Volume 10, Charles Ellewyn George, Lawyers and Bankers' Corporation, 1917 [10]
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