Tina Stison, Note, How I started writing backwards, 2014

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Tina Stison, Note, How I started writing backwards, 2014


When I was in 6th grade we were only
Allowed to write on the front side of a
Piece of Paper. When I put my assignments
In my folder, I noticed I could read what
Was written on a page once it had been
Turned over even though I was looking at
The back of the sheet of paper and the
Words were backwards.

I liked the way it looked, the words written
Backwards and wondered if I could write
Words that way. So, I started practicing.
First printing backwards and then in
Cursive. Eventually I was able to write
As well backwards as forward. I had no
Idea other people wrote this way. Later
On I found out Leonardo Da Vinci
Wrote his notes backwards. Recently
My Dad told me so did Albert Einstein.

I wonder if they did it for the same
Reason as me, so people cannot easily
Read my notes.


Tina Stison
Date written
cm x cm in x in, black
Penmanship Style
Tina Stison's page [1]
File name
Stison Tina 1969-0x-0x

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