James Gallagher, Letter to Benjamin Chew, 1801

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James Gallagher, Letter to Benjamin Chew, 1801

B Chew Esqr
Dr Sir,
Nothing could have
given me more pain, than
You, being obliged to remind me
of the Interest due you. The total
stoppage of my Discounts at the
Bank of Pena for which I
have not been able to discover
any reason has been the only
cause of my not paying you ere
this, You may rest assured
that I will wait on you with
the Money in 4 or 5 Days. I
am with Gratitude,
Your obliged Servant
James Gallagher
March 13th 1801


James Gallagher
Date written
March 13, 1801
x in x x in
Penmanship Style
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Chew family papers
Collection 2050
Chew, Benjamin (1722-1810)
James Gallagher to Benjamin Chew (1801)
File name
James Gallagher 17xx-00x-00x-00x

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