Bess, Letter 2, page 1

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Bess, Letter 2, page 1

Rec’d Thurs AM 5/19/49
May 16, 1949.
Dear Lyman, —
It’s about 9 p.m., - but I want to
send you a note before getting into my
bed. Delphine has moved into her new
house, and Addie took me over to see
it after supper. It is very nice, -- in
some ways much better than this of
ours. It has a wonderful high, dry
basement, with a laundry, a large game room,
and a fine tiled bath room (their 2nd bath room) and room
for storage where the furnace is. The
view is beautiful! They got it at a
great bargain,—but I think the land
in the hills is not nearly as expensive
as the lots nearer town. However, the
house must have cost a lot to build.
Chuck Gruenig asked me for advice about
the landscaping — so I took a good look
in order to think about it. I guess
Delphine is leaving life easier than
ever before! Chuck must be doing well
in his business. They are so happy
in their new home, —and I am happy
for them.

We had a fine service as church
yesterday, and a good number attending.
Addie asked a young couple to come
to our house for supper. The husband
has been studying to become a Unitarian
minister, & the wife has been tea[ching?].
But she says he husband fee[ls?] [he?]


Date written
x in x x in, ivory unlined
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Bess 1---?-001-001-001

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