E H Gilbert, Letter 1, page 2

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E H Gilbert, Letter 1, page 2

who felt just as he did
about it. Said he: “I think
I could get a good sum
collected from some men
I know if the S.S sys-
tem could be abolished.”

These remarks
were made by an elderly
gentleman who is rath-
er prone to be sharp and
decisive, if I may so
express myself, upon any-
thing he dislikes and
at the same time he said it
he was laboring un-
der the belief that the
S.S’s had just done
him, directly or indirectly, him
an irreparable injury.


E H Gilbert
Date written
x in x x in, ivory unlined, George H Gilbert Company stationery
Penmanship Style
File name
Gilbert E H 18xx-001-001-001

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