John McLean Harrington, The weekly news, volume 3, no. 1, pages 2-3

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John McLean Harrington, The weekly news, volume 3, no. 1, pages 2-3


J Mc L Harrington Editor

Wednesday January 1st 1862.

New Year.
To day another year has dawned
upon us. to day 1862 Commences
and what can we say we are
enjoying all the good things
of the world the best we can.
hoping all may live to see
another peaceful New Year
and wishing you all a merry
Christmas and New Year we
bid You adieu -- --

Commencement of a New Vol.
To day we Commence our new
Volume, of 6 months, and ex-
pect to have two Vols a Year
hereafter beginning the first of
January and July.

To Advertisers
Never before in the history
of our paper did we issue
without a angle advertisement
till this last No. which was
entirely Clear of any advertise-
meant. We hope our friends
who have any to do will give

us their patronage. our terms
are low enough for any one.
And our paper will not support
itself without advertisements
A word to the wise is sufficient.

Subscribers paying $2
will get the two vol. for the
Year. Our terms are $2.
per Annum Not $2 per Volume.

The Militia of Barbecue
will Muster on the 2nd Satur-
day, and the Upper Little River
on the 3rd Saturday in Jan-
uary — —

Our Mails
Our Mails are very irreg-
ular we have not received
a paper since our last issu
and an’ments??? is limited—

Our Friends must ex-
fuse the dearth of matter
in todays paper and charge??
all to the Christmas and
New Year’s frolics —

New Dres
We have not received all
our new type and Conse
quently did not bring out
our paper as nice as we would  ??

Latest News

It is currently reported on
the faith of a telegraphic
dispatch that.
The United States Govern-
ment have acceeded to the
demands of England and
have released our Ministers
to England and France
Mess Mason and Slidell
We hope it is not So although
we are Strong friends of the
above named gentlemen
but we did hope by their
detaining Mss M & S
that it would throw them
in a war with england
which would rid us of the
blockades, either way
is a great benefit to the
Southern Confederacy

From Kentucky
Nashville Ten Dec 21st.
Reliable intelligence reports
that the Hessians 9000
strong, have Crossed green
river, and are marching
towards Hopkinsville Ky.
Our force at that place
is 3500 strong under Gen Clark
of Miss. Reinforcements have
been ordered from Clarks-

From Drainsville
The following are the par-
ticklers of a heavy skirmish
near Drainsville—

Richmond Va. Dec 22nd.
A foraging party was sent out
by Gen Stuart of about 200
wagons escorted by the 11th Va
6th S.C. 10th Ala. 1st. Ky. Regiments
The Sumpter flying artillery and
detachments from Ransom’s
Cavalry. The whole force am-
mounting to about 2500—
When the Confederates neared Drains
ville they found the Yankees pre-
pared for a fight, and during the
skirmish the 1st Ky fired into the
6th SC killing 5 or 6 of the latter
After the general engagement ceased
both sides withdrew in order.
Col Tom Taylor, in personally re-
conoitering, found himself nearly
surrounded by Yankee Cavalry
He eluded them and secreted
himself until dark, when he
escaped and joined his regiment.
The only injury he recd was a slight
wound in the hands.
The Federals were evidently appri-
sed of the approach of the Confederates
and were prepared to meet them in a
strong possition nevertheless their
loss is fully eaqual to ours.
Reinforcements have been sent to Gen Stuart
who how hold the battle field


John McLean Harrington
Date written
white, with blue lines
Penmanship Style

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