David Scull Bispham, Letter, 1893

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David Scull Bispham, Letter, 1893

Dec. 27, ’93

The Art Club
of Philadelphia

Dear Miss [Allinson?]—
You wanted the words
of the old hymn I sang
on Xmas day, and I have
much pleasure in sending them.
Please give my best regards
to all in 48th St.
and believe me,

Very Sincerely Yours,
David S. Bispham.

A gude and Godlie balad.
Go, heart, unto the Lamp of Light,
Go, heart, so service and honour;
Go, heart, and serve him day and night,
Go, heart, unto they Saviour.

Go, heart, to thy only remede,
Descending from the heavenly tour;
Thee to deliver from pain and [died?] death
Go, heart, unto thy Saviour.

Go, heart, with true and whole intent,
To Christ thy help and whole succour;
Thee o redeem he was all rent!
Go, heart, unto thy Saviour.

To Christ that rose from death to life,
Go, heart, unto thy Latter hour;
Whose great mercy none can deserve!
Go, heart, unto thy Saviour.
James Wedderburn (16th century)


David Scull Bispham
Date written
December 27, 1893
x in x x in
Penmanship Style
telegraph hand, railway hand
joined-word writing; (I have coined this myself, until an existing term is found, or another better term can be created.)
Here is an example of a man who worked for a railroad company, Lehigh Valley Railroad, and thus one may assume that elements of this style of writing are from the employment and that this is therefore some version of railway hand used in the public realm.
Quaker & Special Collections, Haverford College, Haverford, Pennsylvania
MS 851

File name
David Scull Bispham 1857-00x-00x-00x

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