Join me in transcribing Noah Webster's dictionary entries (1809) and also teaching journals from Perkins School for the Blind (1841 - )

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Noah Webster, dictionary entries, 1809 manuscript

Pages from a notebook by Noah Webster will be transcribed to provide a copy of what he has written, and also what he has written and crossed out. Providing a full transcript that includes material that he chose not to use is important to understand his work.
Contact me for access to this material.

Teacher Journals of Laura Bridgman and Other Pupils in the Deafblind Program

All are invited to join transcribing this so that it can be uploaded onto the Perkins site and made accessible to all.
Please contact me and also the Hayes Library staff at so that we can coordinate on what still needs to be transcribed.

Volume 1: 6/1/1841- 1/5/1842[1] [2]
Students: Laura Bridgman (bulk), Lucy, and Oliver Caswell
Instructor: Mary Swift