Platt Rogers Spencer, Letter to W D Fuller, front, 1862

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Platt Rogers Spencer, Letter to W D Fuller, front, 1862

Geneva Mar. 5, 1862

Friend W. D. Fuller
I have recd two nos of the
Rochester Ia Mercury, both indicating you
are guiding the youth of your village to
a better knowledge of the “Art of Arts”—and
by pencilling indications of a column
of No 100—I opine you may have drawn
the scathing defense of the expulsion of
Bright from the Federal Senate.

Well success to you in both these
several occupations! Ignorance is in
a great measure banished by the dissemination
of the art _ and safety to our Beloved
Country is only purchased by that
“Eternal Vigilance” which “is the price of
Liberty. I closed in Ashtabula 10 days
ago, and am now writing a Book for
engraving, and teaching 4 students.

Nothing new in Jericho. Mrs.
Spencer remains as when you were here—


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