Robert Babcock, City and County of Albany, Assignment of Deed, 1808

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Robert Babcock, City and County of Albany, Assignment of Deed, 1808

City and County of Albany, CLERK’S OFFICE } SS.
I, ROBERT BABCOCK, Clerk of the said City and County , do hereby certify,
That on searching the Records of [handwriting] Deeds in
this office I find Mortgage
and the foreclosure thereof with
the date of the premises therein
described and the assignmet [sic]
of Such Conveyence [sic]—
Christopher Leffingwell
and Joseph Fry
William Leffingwell }
Mortgage dated July 27th
1803 Recorded in Book of
Deeds No 19’ page 265. Apl 1st
1806. Consideration [?] 7 12 21.
Conveying the lot situated on
the north side of Hudson street.
Conveyed by Jennet Martin to Joseph
Fry by deed dated March 18 1802

William Leffingwell
Samuel Whiting }
Deed or Conveyance under &
by Virtue of the said Mortgage
Dated Sept 24 1805 Recorded
on Book No 20 page 79 Aug 24

Samuel Whiting &
Hannah his wife
William Leffingwell }
Assignment of the the above
Deed Dated Aug 27 1808
Recorded in Book No 20 page
82 Aug 24th 1808.


Christopher Leffingwell
William Leffingwell
Joseph Fry
Bennet Martin
Samuel Whiting
Hannah Whiting
Date written
Collection of
Hall of Records, Albany County Clerk, Albany, New York; V-34 C 35, Agency Box# Box #12 (#3706) 2 of 2, Department: CT / SARA, Fire Insurance Policies 1822-1875; Dutch Church Land Papers 1785-1896; Committee on Public Blogs. 1896, Inventory Control # 90-00-761
Penmanship Style
Relationship to other files

Notice that this has a printed "City and County of Albany CLERK'S OFFICE. It is the predecessor of a stencil version. See the stencil of "CITY & COUNTY OF ALBANY Clerks Office" for file Lawrence Van Deusen, mortgage receipt, 1847 [1]

Notice that the printed words "City and County of Albany" are in black letter, just as the stencils are in the file Anonymous, Chamberlains Office Receipt Expenditures, Albany NY, closeup 1, June 26, 1843 [2]

Albany, New York
File name
Robert Babcock, City and County of Albany, Assignment of Deed, 1808,1808-000x-000x
Links to: Christopher Leffingwell [3]

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