Pomroy Jones to Governor Tilden, pages 2 and 3, 1875

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Pomroy Jones to Governor Tilden, pages 2 and 3, 1875

the State who had always paid its
militia the Legislature appointed a commission
to arbitrate and audit our accounts and
give give certificates of such indebtedness
you will agree with me that the State is
honestly bound to pay them. Without
assuming to dictate I yet believe you
will in your next message recommend an appropriation
to pay them. I served two campaigns
in the War of 1812 the first of six

months I received an honorable discharge
from Gen. Brown. My [stunted /limited] wages did
not refund my [outfit?] In 1814 the
company to which I belonged was called
en masse to Sacketts Harbor Harbor we had no
[?] wagon and lived on our money on
our march and after being there a few days
our Commanding Officer (an Old Federalist)
deserted and left me but [a non?] commissioned
the oldest officer in the Confederacy.

When after about two months when
mustered out not half the men had
a dime left for the six days allowed as to get
home I happened to be in funds and
helped all the men to their homes
and after half a century the money was
allowed [?] my Certificate.

I am a lifelong Democrat. I was born and
have lived into my 86th year in the limits of
the town of Westmoreland and here voted
the ticket 63 times not having failed to
vote since 21 years of age. You were my
favorite candidate. I have as yet attended
through the Election days last fall
I worked through the day and the result
was in the State a Waterloo victory
I highly approve your ferreting out the
leeches that were depleting the State


Pomroy Jones
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Pomroy Jones to Governor Tilden, August 4, 1875. Old Soldiers claims. Samuel J. Tilden Papers. Series I. Correspondence. I.F. Gubernatorial, 1874-1876. Proposed legislation. Digital Collections, The New York Public Library.

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