Amos Wolff, X-Mas 2013, page 1

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Amos Wolff, X-Mas 2013, page 1

Thank you for being such a constant source
of encouragement and love -- always.
I know I sometimes get short with
you, but I am so lucky that I live
so close to you so we can continue to
get to know one another, not just
as mother / son, but as friends. I
move the way I do because of you
and that has been such an important
form of expression, both artistic and
also just to fucking sweat, throughout
my whole life. Thanksgiving, this
year and getting to cook and drink
wine with you is one of my fondest
memories of 2013.

Thank you for being excited about
Justin and my future family (with
or without him) -- you know I am
as well, but a huge part of that is
because I know how much fun we
would have teaching a sweet kid
all we know. In the meantime, I'm
glad you and my dog get along well,
it makes me feel like I've done
something right. I am as proud of
you for training yourself into yoga
and working on your body -- believe
me your relaxations work & flexibility
will certainly help me care for you in
your old age, if you aren't infirm,
but a lithe yoga-bitch!


Amos Wolff
Date written
8.5 in x 5.5 in, white unlined
File name
Wolff Amos 1986-020-001-004

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